Special Thanks

IMG_3023Inspired by my thankfulness for surviving Winter (in spite of three bouts with a terrible cold, cough, and sore throat) as well as seeing the first few signs of spring, I decided to have a special yoga class on the Attitude of Gratitude, centering on how thankfulness makes us happier people.

Apart from our physical practice, students had time to write down things there were grateful for, and towards the end of class had time to write a thank you card to someone they were very thankful for. I made these cards the day before, but on the day itself, while everyone else was thanking their chosen one, I wrote down a message of thanks to each student. Whether it was for simply showing up for class, being curious about their practice, spending time after class for a meaningful chat, asking questions, or a simple smile during the hour–these gestures from students mean so much to me, and I am thankful for their presence. Seeing their reaction on realizing how they make a difference was priceless!

May you be inspired today to thank people in your life whose presence mean something (or the whole world) to you.